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These notes, which mainly cover the Financial Activities and Projects of "The Lions Club of Footscray” set out in cold figures our history from Charter to March 1971.

Where our records provide details of particular interest, of items not necessarily financial, they have been included, but by no means are all the details of these past eighteen years listed.

Many of the small personal activities, the little quiet items of individual help, and the many heart warming acts of kindness by individual Lions, are unfortunately lost for all times.

Similarly, the enormous amount of goodwill, fellowship and friendship that has built up over these years cannot be expressed in Dollars and Cents.

The service to Lions International, by the many District Officers who have come from our Club ranks, by support at Conventions, and by extension work carried out, do not show up either.

However, when we think back to the fact that we were the second Lions Club in Victoria, and in our early years we sponsored Sunshine, Essendon, Geelong, Kyneton, Ballarat and Werribee, we can feel reasonably satisfied that we have played our part in the growth of "Lions International" throughout the State of Victoria, and perhaps when we read over these notes, we can say with some pride that we have been able to achieve some measure of success in the field of Community Service, and that the foresight of our Charter Members has been rewarded.


After an inaugural meeting late in 1952, our Club was chartered in the Footscray Town Hall on February 19th 1953, with a gathering of 134 members, their wives and guests and, to prove that this was a "Service" Club, a donation of $200.00 was made to the Mayor's Appeal for sub‑normal children.

Whilst an extremely active and energetic group of Lions, we were not necessarily the best book­keepers, and the facts and figures set out in the following pages are gleaned from old records, aided by memory and, although presenting a reasonably accurate overall picture, many small services, particularly those directed to individuals, may be omitted, and in other cases, no financial value has been recorded.

It is interesting to note that during this ten year period, our club life and activities changed, until the present form of a few minor fund raising activities each year, finally took shape in July 1962, but more of this later.

In our earlier days, we ran more social and fund raising activities each year, and these mainly took the form of Barbecues (remember some of the days and nights ‑ at Kenwyn Park, the Drevers farm) Golf Days, our Gun Club Shoots, and Dinner Dances.

During April 1953, we raised $39.00 for the Footscray Spastic Childrens Centre, and from this small beginning our Clubs' interest in these children grew to planning a complete school for them.

In September 1953, the Footscray Council granted us land, and we planned in earnest for our first major project; "Chis‑Lon" and finally in the Activities Report for August, September and October, 1955 it was finally reported that "Chis‑Lon" was complete, and had cost us $10,000.00. As there was no Government subsidy available at this time, we had raised all the money required by our own efforts.

“Chis‑Lon" was built by sub‑contract, and not by tender, and by dint of much effort, and the co­operation of many people, we saved approximately $3,000.00 on its construction, and at the same time made the acquaintance of an Architect, Mr. Alan Boyle, who in later days undertook all the architectural duties for our Elderly Citizens Village.

During the period of building "Chis‑Lon'', we did not devote all our efforts and funds to this one project, but we also contributed:-

Flood Relief ‑ Lismore                                                                          $320.00          February, 1954

Footscray Auxiliary for Sub‑Normal Children                                       $210.00            December, 1954

Floor Relief ‑ N.S.W.                                                                             $229.00      Feb./March, 1955

Sub‑Normal Children                                                                            $1000.00    Feb./March, 1955

Sub‑Normal Children                                                                            $1024.63       April/May, 1955

Following on the completion of Chis‑Lon, we had an urgent request from the Parkside Youth Club and were able to give them $2,210.00 between November 1955 and April 1956 which covered their immediate need for funds.

Later in the same year (November), we made our first donation to the Footscray and District Hospital of a "Croupette" and in July 1957, this unit was instrumental in saving the life of a badly burned little girl.

In December 1956 the late Lion, Ern Davison organised the first Christmas Party for the children of "Chis‑Lon", provided by the Lions Club, although he had, I am sure for many years provided this function privately.

This has, of course, become an annual Christmas Party and is now conducted as a memorial to this wonderful Lion.

By November 1956, our Ladies Committee was active and they willingly accepted the detail organisation of our first ever Mannequin Parade which netted $610.00 towards club funds. 

Many of the activities of our Ladies are not recorded unfortunately, but those that are will be listed as they appear in our records.

December 1956, saw our first “Pensioners Parcels” arranged by our Ladies, and many of the goods were provided from a collection arranged by them in Nicholson Street in the weeks prior to Christmas.

Up until 1970 when our funds just wouldn't stretch far enough, these “Pensioners Parcels" were an annual event, taken over in the latter years by the Club itself.

May 1957 saw our second donation to the Footscray and District Hospital, this time it being a theatre night light, valued at $380.00.

The next recorded project, again unfortunately without a cash value, was the provision of firewood, food, blankets and medical supplies to some eighty pensioners in June 1957.

October 1957 saw our second Mannequin Parade, this time netting us some $440.00, and the same month saw $800.00 profit from a "Shoot" at the local Gun Club.

December 1957, 112 parcels delivered to pensioners. February 1958, in conjunction with the Lions of Sunshine, a Regatta and Carnival in the Footscray Park and on the Maribyrnong River, raised $1,000.00 for each Club. March 1958, a Carnival outside the Football ground increased our funds by $700.00, and in May 1968, we contributed from accrued funds $1,000.00 the building appeal of the Tweddle Hospital.

June 1958, saw us undertaking our first major project for the Footscray and District Hospital, which was to provide (at a cost to our Club of $10,000.00) a new After Care Annex, but due to a change in the Hospitals' plans, this was dropped in January 1959, and we provided instead, a six bed ward in the new After Care Unit (cost $5,000.00). This, of course, received Government subsidy at the rate of 3 for 1, so really represented $20,000.00 to the Hospital.

Our first Road Block took place in June 1958 and bought in $450.00, and our October Mannequin Parade raised a further $700.00.

October 1958 saw the Yarraville Elderly Citizens Club built, and here we provided the complete kitchen at approximately $800.00.

In December 1958, we reported that we were continuing to provide transport for blind folk, (I wonder when we actually started), we presented two talking books to other blind people, a boxing night raised $80.00 for St. Johns Ambulance, our Ladies Committee working for ''Tweddle'' and our Ladies Committee had financed extensions at "Chis‑Lon".

February 1959, was a mixed month with our efforts in conjunction with Sunshine once again, to run a Regatta and Carnival being washed out, but we did raise by public appeal $2,500.00 towards the District Appeal for Yooralla.

During March our Opportunity Shop was planned to promote and commenced operation in May, and we also conducted our first “Executives Night" dinner.

This “Executives Night" was planned to promote the concept of our Club and Organisation to the business Executives of the District and saw a gathering of some 120 Lions and Visitors.

Speaking of Lions and Visitors. It is interesting to note that at many of our regular dinners, we were getting attendances of 60 and 70 and our reports speak highly of the enthusiasm that prevailed at them. (Are we running out of friends, or just getting old?).

April 1959, a quiet month by our records, but the two projects, so completely dissimilar, surely provided all the reward a Lions Club and its member require. The report simply states:

Provided mattresses, bedding etc., to a widow and her young children.

Provided transport for crippled children to Royal Victorian Motor Yacht Club for a picnic and afternoon outing on motor cruisers of the Yacht Club members.

May 1959, the gala opening of our Opportunity Shop with receipts for the month of $240.00. Over the period from its opening until February 1963, a total of $7,590.00 passed through the vintage model cash register, but if you really want to hear about this Opportunity Shop, its funny little episodes, its sad ones, the pleasure it gave to people, and the fellowship it provided for our Lions and Ladies and friends, try a little ”do you remember" talk with those who were so active in its stocking and staffing.

Another "first report” of an Activity which is still conducted annually, appears in June 1959, with our Pensioners Picnic early in the month, with some fifty pensioners being entertained by Club members, who provided a Sunday drive in the hills with lunch and an impromptu sing‑song around the Hotel piano.

The same month saw the celebration of Footscray Centenary, and a Lions' Float was well to the fore in the street procession, as well as Lions providing manpower to staff a free childrens carnival.

Believe it or not, Lions Road Signs were erected on private property at the four main entrances to Footscray, and this fact is also recorded in our June report. and finally we staffed one area of a Footscray wide appeal for the Footscray and District Hospital and shook our collection tins to the tune of $264.00.

July 1959, was $520.00 income in our Opportunity Shop, a piano presented to the Mentally Retarded Children's Centre, and the idea of an Elderly Citizens Village first discussed by our members.

The next step toward our Village ‑took place on August 1st 1959 when four Lions journeyed to Bairnsdale to look at a Church of England Pioneers Village, and they returned so enthused that ways and means were soon being discussed within the Club, to establish a similar project in Footscray.

Financially our funds for July August and September came from our Opportunity Shop and October saw our fourth Mannequin Parade conducted, with a profit of $840.00.

The dinner meeting of October 26th 1959, was a "Clergymens" night, to which the Club invited a large number of local church men, and it is Interesting to note that with 18 Clergy and ‑14 Essendon Lions in attendance, our total gathering was 80 persons for this dinner meeting.

November 1959, saw a theatre night at Lion, Merve Pentreath's, adding $146.00 to our funds, a Car Rally for Lions and their families, $240.00 allocated for Christmas parcels, $100.00 donated to "Chis‑Lon" and the Opportunity Shop bringing in $200.00.

Going back in time to August 1956, we conducted the first of our "Lights On" Campaigns which was, in actual fact, the forerunner of present day "Door Knock" appeals, and whilst many people probably grumble about this type of door‑to‑door collecting, our efforts proved fruitful financially, and at the same time bought our Club, and its activities to the notice of every resident of Footscray.

As far as we know, this was the first time that this type of fund raising was carried out in Victorian on such a comprehensive scale, and you can well imagine the reaction at the bank when we arrived with a wheelbarrow full of small change for the first time.

Coming back to the correct chronological order again, January and February 1960, saw Opportunity Shop takings totalling $590.00 and March was highlighted with two club activities of a personal nature, namely a "working bee" to paint "Chis‑Lon", and the first of our Ladies family picnics at Mordialloc added $180.00 to their funds.

The first of these activities saw 100% physical attendance of Lions, and the complete exterior of "Chis‑Lon" well and truly painted. Who remembers the late Lion Ern, painstakingly painting the wrought‑iron name with a 2" brush, and the late Lion Les, maintaining the workers "spirits"?.

April 1960, and the “Village Committee" held its first official meeting, and started to formulate plans, and in May, Lions Clarrie Brown, and the late Les Bacash, gave the scheme a wonderful lift when they each donated $500.00 to sponsor a flat.

During this same month we held our second "Executives Night" at our regular dinner meeting, and once again total attendance was in excess of eighty people.

Our Opportunity Shop continued to be our main source of income over the next three months, although it is recorded that our Ladies held a progressive dinner in August and raised $140.00.

August 1960 saw yet another first in the form of a "District Golf Day" which was organised by four of our members, and which was enjoyed by golfers from 15 clubs in the district.

September 1960.  Tenders called for stage one of our village, five flats and a Community Hall.

Annual Mannequin Parade netted $1,300.00.

Picture Night at Lion Merve Pentreath's ‑ $120.00.

78 tickets sold for District 201C ball.

$500.00 donation from Herald‑Sun toward Village.

And so we carried on with fund raising activities, Gun Club Shoot, Car Rally, Ladies Picnic, Barbecue, Theatre Night and in February 1962, we started selling Lucky Envelopes as a major means of fund raising, in conjunction with our Opportunity Shop.

During this period we accepted a tender in December 1960 for the first stage of our Village, presented two "thermo‑tainers" to Meals‑on‑wheel, opened the Village on August 9th 1961 with the Honourable H. McIvor M.H.R. officiating. We donated $700.00 to bushfire appeals, and $1,000.00 to the Lady Nell Seeing Eye Dog Centre to provide two guide dogs.

June 1962, saw a second stage planned for our Village to comprise a further six home units, and in July 1962 we changed our thinking on activities and decided to conduct fewer, larger money raising activities each year, with the emphasis to be placed on raising this money from the general public, rather than from the Lions and their Immediate friends, and to this end, we carried on the Lucky Envelopes, a Car Raffle in August 1962 and, for the first time made our Mannequin Parade into a major money earner, with a profit of $6,200.00.

The contract for the second stage of our Village was let in November 1962, and in January 1963 we were already planning the third stage, although this was then postponed for a little time.

Also in January 1963, we discussed the formation of a registered "Trust Fund" and a further major project for the Footscray and District Hospital, and in February we agreed to sponsor a new Casualty Admitting Suite and a cost to the Club of $20.000.00.

So we reached our tenth birthday and we could feel some satisfaction in the accomplishments of our Club to date:

We had established such annual projects as:

Pensioners Picnic

Christmas Parcels

"Chis‑Lon" Christmas Party,

We had our six‑bed ward in the 'After Care" Annex and had donated various items of equipment to the Hospital;

We had built "Chis‑Lon', and the first stage of our Village, with the second stage well on the way;

We had a most enthusiastic and active Ladies Committee;

Both the Club and our Ladies had supported "Tweddle" and we were continuing to provide transport for local blind folk to enable them to attend training schools.

And many small or other projects had been carried out to aid the young and the old, the individual and the community, and although it is not possible now to set an exact value on all these projects, our records show a total of approximately $60,000.00 actually raised, plus subsidies of around $56,000.00 paid in support of various of our donations, giving a ten year total of $116,000.00.

In this same period we had sponsored six new Lions Clubs, attended every National Convention, and taken a physical part in the two Melbourne based Conventions, provided many District Officers from our rank and had achieved a reputation in Footscray as a true Service Organisation.

We had grown from raising our funds from our own members and their freidns in many small activities, to the stage where we could really call on the generous support of the residents of Footscray and raised our funds in fewer, larger functions.

And so, in these brief notes I hope I have been able to draw a general picture of the first ten years, without going too deeply into statistics but at the same time, providing a reasonably detailed account, particularly financially, of our growth to this point.


As we haven't yet reached our twentieth year, and as it would only be boring to continue a tabulation, month by month of each and every activity and project, I will content myself with trying to list the highlights from our Membership and Activities Reports from March 1963, to February 1971.

June 1963, saw stage two of our Village opened by His Excellency, Sir Rohan Delacombe, the Governor of Victoria, and as this ceremony was carried out within a few days of His Excellency taking up his duties in Victoria, we were extremely pleased at his graciousness in accepting our invitation. (Sir Rohan became the first Life Governor of the Lions Club of Footscray Elderly Citizens Village).

His Excellency was given a rousing reception by the school children of Footscray on this occasion as his official car was escorted on a short, conducted tour of part of our city, and in return, His Excellency declared a half day holiday for the children.

1963 saw the project of transporting blind folk to Kooyong continuing, our Opportunity Shop still functioning, although it was becoming more difficult to obtain stock, our Mannequin Parade and Car Rally were a huge success, we took forty under‑privileged children to Luna Park and gave them $1.00 each spending money, Christmas Parcels were distributed again, an appeal for spectacles for India and Pakistan was well supported, our Ladies also conducted a number of activities in support of the Club, and total funds raised, including subsidies, had risen to $146,804.00.

August 1964 saw the start of the third stage of our Village, and earlier in the year local Girl Guides had planted a number of rose trees in its gardens.

Our first "Spastic Parents Night Out" was organised in 1964, and like so many other projects, has become a most rewarding annual event.

Many small donations were made during 1964 and a major part of our $20.000.00 was passed over to the Footscray and District Hospital towards our "Casualty Admitting Suite".

Attendance at meetings ranged from 60 to 120. our attendance at National Conventions comprised 27 Lions and Ladies.

Once again our Mannequin Parade‑and Car Raffle was a huge success, and a social weekend at Torquay provided a pleasant break for some of our hard working members and their wives.

During this year we also donated $1,500.00 to the Footscray Youth Club, and practically every Membership and Activities Report mentions some small donation or service project on behalf of needy individuals in our area.

Money raised, including subsidies, and a $2,000.00 donation to our funds had now reached the total of $197,292.00 and stage three of our Village was nearly completed.

1965 started with the January M & A Report recording; continuing transport of blind residents to Kooyong, and 15 boys, who had taken part in our students tour of Canberra, were present at our dinner meeting of January 25th; and so our year continued with donations, social events and fund raising activities with our Ladies annual picnic in February, a Hawaiian night at a members home and a barbecue at the Beevers farm raised $120.00 during March.

We provided school uniforms for a needy student, and five uniforms for member of the local unit of the St. John's Ambulance Brigade.

During May and June our Ladies made donations totalling $492.00 to various people and charities, and in June the formation meeting of the Altona Club was reported.

August saw a tree-planting project commenced and finalised during September and once again our Mannequin Parade was underway, with the Car Rally being run in conjunction with it.

A plaque was unveiled at the opening of the new Casualty Admitting Suite at the Footscray and District Hospital during October 1965 and another major project was completed.

November saw another successful Mannequin Parade completed, with an income of approximately $12,000.00 and the second stage of our tree planting project was also carried our during the month, and the year closed in December 1965 with $480.00 worth of Christmas parcels being delivered to needy people, and an Art Show being planned for February 1966.

By now our income had reached a total of $210,224.00 still including the various Government subsidies. but not including the major part of the funds raised by our Ladies Committee.

Up until June 1965, inter‑club visits had figured prominently in Membership and Activities Reports every month, but these seemed to drop off, although a lot of support had been given to the newly formed Altona Club.

The proposed Art Show was finally held in April 1966 and the physical effort put into this project by Lions and friends made it a very successful project, and was hailed as a “Civic Highlight”.

May 1966, and once again our Spastic Parents Night out provided an evening of enjoyment for these parents, and with the successful chartering of Altona Club, visits to other Clubs started again.

By December 1966 accumulated funds raised had risen to $227,449.00, and donations listed for the year totalled $3,325.50.

Our Opportunity Shop had, unfortunately closed due to the ever increasing difficulty in obtaining stock, but our Mannequin Parade had been a great success with an income of $15,255.00.

Pensioners parcels, Spastic Parents Night out, the Barn Dance, transport of the blind, "Chis-­Lon" Christmas Party and all our regular annual activities and functions were continuing.

The December Membership and Activities Report records, amongst other things

300 attended Sportsman's Night ‑ approximately $360.00 raised to go to

Footscray Indoor Swimming Pool ‑      and ‑

200 attended our Annual Christmas Dinner Dance.

The Victorian Life Saving Society had appealed to us for help with their Rescue Boat and in January 1967 we provided a new boat trailer for them.

March 1967 proved the first record of the Bowls night at Kew, the Barn Dance netted $200.00, 36 students travelled to Canberra and the Snowy Mountains on C.A.P. (by now a District activity) and in April we held a Sportswoman's Night with a profit of $550.00.

The end of the Presidents year in June 1967, and we were still providing transport for the blind and Spastic Parents night out had been provided, and, once again, our Ladies held their Progressive Dinner and another tree planting project was underway and continued through into July.

Landscaping plans were finalised for the Village during July, and a quote of $4,099.00 accepted, and the work was to be commenced immediately and the job was completed during August.

By now our Village was looking well, and although a fourth stage was planned for some time in the future, we turned our efforts towards other projects for some time, as it was felt that we should endeavour to serve as wide a cross section of the community as possible.

Official visits to other clubs were still figuring in our Membership and Activities Reports, with at least one visit per month being reported.

October 1967 and another Mannequin Parade and Miss Footscray was bought to a successful conclusion with a total income of $11,254.00.

By the end of 1967 our fund raising total, since Charter, had risen to $241,032.00 and during the year we had made donations totalling $8,036.88 to many charities and individuals.

December 1967, whilst bringing yet another years activities to a very rewarding finale, also saw us having to report the loss of one of the staunchest Lions our club or Lions International had ever been privileged to call a member.  Lion Les Bacash was reported “deceased” on the December Membership and Activities Report and what a loss that one little word covered.

During February 1968, "The Lions Club of Footscray Les Bacash Memorial Scholarship" was established at the Footscray Technical College, as a memorial to Lion Les.

During June 1969, we presented a billiard table to Footscray "House of Friendship" and during the previous six months our annual Barn Dance, Pensioners Picnic, Spastic Parents Night out and other regular activities and projects had been carried out and the transport for the blind folk was still being provided regularly.

By now we had settled into the pattern of one major fund raising activity per year, with a few smaller ones of a more social nature being carried out at intervals, and we were still supporting a wide range of charities and individual needy cases rather than adopting one major project.

Six trees were planted on behalf of the Yao Club of Japan, in the grounds of the Footscray and District Hospital during September 1968, as a token of International goodwill. This project was the direct result of the efforts of Lion Athol Turner (now deceased) acting as our Clubs' International Committee, and was only one of many of the efforts of this Lion.

This same month once again saw us reporting the loss of one of our oldest members, Lion Ern Davison and the "Chis‑Lon" Children’s Christmas Party" has been renamed as a memorial to Lion Ern who had always taken an enormous interest, both through our Club and privately, in these handicapped children.

October 1968, saw yet another of our older members reported "deceased" this time Lion Les Richardson.

The year finished once again with our Quest bringing in $13,600.00 and our total funds raised to $254,995.00. The years' donations amounted to $2,229.00 and many man-hours had been put in by members both on activities and projects.

December 1968, and Lion Athol Turner was reported "deceased" and, with the loss of three Lions in one year some of the brightness of our efforts seemed a little dulled.

Footscray was selected for the finish of the 1969 Victorian Sun Tour Bicycle Classic and our Club sponsored this at a cost of $500.00 during September 1969, During this same month we started to investigate the supply of a bus for the North Footscray Special School.

1969, like every other year came to an end with yet another full book of projects and donations with our support being given to the Girl Guides, Salvation Army, Footscray Marching Girls, Tweddle Hospital, St. Vincent de Paul, Melbourne Junior Legacy, Children’s Hospital, Yarraville Old Age Club, and Footscray Senior Citizens Club, St. Josephs' Babies Home, as well as many needy individuals.

Our funds raised were now $272,495.00 and the years' projects cost $4,746.00 in cash and, as usual uncounted man-hours of effort.

December 1969, also saw our Civic Improvement Committee arranging the erection of an Illuminated Christmas Tree in Footscray with a Band Concert and musical entertainment.

1970 saw "Happiness Afloat” in February, Barn Dance, Massed Band Concert, a donation to West Irian Orphans Fund, and a refrigerator and furniture donated to a deserted wife in March.

A bus was presented to the North Footscray Special School (cost $2,500.00) in April‑ and no Lion who attended the dinner meeting after the presentation could help but be touched by the drawings of the bus and its presentation, made by the children who attend the school.

The same month saw His Excellency, The Governor of Victoria Major General Sir Rohan Delacombe K.C.M.G., C.B., D.S.O., K. St.J., inducted into our Club as an Honorary Member, in front of a gathering of 210 Lions from Clubs throughout Victoria.

May saw a "Road Block" for the Royal Womens Hospital, our Ladies Progressive Dinner, a Theatre Night and a “Morning Coffee".

Youth of the year judging at club level, rent paid on behalf of a deserted wife, 33 members making a mass visit to Keilor Club and a visit to Geelong Club.

The final stage of our Village was planned during 1970 and $500.00 was presented to the Village account in June 1970 to set the ball rolling.

July 1970 saw our "Chook‑a‑Wheel" spinning merrily again and adding to club funds.

Each month saw plenty of action and they were all reported in our Membership and Activities Reports, each of which contained items similar to those listed for the first few months.

December 1970, funds raised now totalled $289,604.00 and the years' donations, including $5,500.00 to the Village account, were $11,086.80. We had accepted a tender for the last stage of our Village to comprise 5 more single units and work started early in the current year.

1971 saw another new venture in a “Mother of the Year" contest conducted throughout the Schools in Footscray and an enormous amount of interest was created, not only in the children, but also in the teachers in this project.

Somewhere along the way I have certainly overlooked many of the interesting and rewarding activities of our Club, and I certainly would not want to confirm the total funds raised, as many small activities have never had their profit recorded.

Similarly, our Ladies Committee have raised many thousands of dollars and made many donations, which have not been taken into account.

One major project which comes to mind now that has been completely overlooked was the Mobile Search and Rescue Unit presented to St. John's Ambulance and I am sure other members will know of other projects that haven't been mentioned.

Finally, as of now, the last stage of our Village is nearing conclusion. and on June 13 1971, His Excellency, Sir Rohan Delacombe, will renew his association, both with his Lions Club and our Elderly Citizens Village when he officially opens the final stage.

These five units have been built at a cost of $34,000.00 and the Commonwealth subsidy of $23,000.00 will bring our current funds raised to $312,604.00.


So that, briefly is the story of the Lions Club of Footscray from its Charter in February 1953 to March 1971.

Over these years we have seen many changes and due to the change in day to day living and economy we have noticed a great change in the effort required to organise successful activities to finance our projects.

Many of the projects we started out on almost casually have developed, not into major financial commitments, but certainly into major "goodwill" ones. How can we even put a value on the "Chis­-Lon" Christmas Party, our Pensioner's Picnic or our Spastic Parents Night out?.

What has it meant to the many tenants of our Village to be able to spend their twilight years in comfort and security and what has it cost us, as Lions to provide all this?.

A few hours of our time, a few dollars of our money and in return we have gained much much more in the friendships we have developed, the gratitude of those we have been able to help, the goodwill we have been able to create, and above all, a pride in the Community which has supported us so well that we have been able to achieve what we have.